Message to you noblesse

Good day sir. This news agency delivers the news that matters for the people that actually matters. You wont hear about commonwealth problems here, only the finest most relevant news are printed in this daily paper. We are based in the kingdom of Sweden, however we also have noble journalists from various kindoms around the globe.

Hope you continue having a jolly good day.

Yours truly, Ludwig Can Nervalot

Message to the peasants

Well this site really isn’t for you. However, you can always aspire to become a nobility by taking notice on how to act like a nobleman and spreading the word about this site. Then – some day – maybe you will be dubbed a nobelman by the king or queen of your choice. Alright?

Now piss off.

On a more serious note

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This site is mostly for fun. We want to be provocative in a way that it’s obvious and seen as satire. There might be some text that are offensive and flat out stupid. Nothing should be taken too seriously and as always you should be reviewing the sources as they might hide another message that have been heavily altered.

For the most part the texts are based on another article and the message that the source is trying to push forward is twisted and biased to absurdity.

We try and twist the texts in a way that they are elitist and anti-commonwealth. The authors are all in support of absolute monarchy or more influence of the monarchs.

You have been warned. Feel free to play along, sir.
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