soldier sleep in line

Are you tired of these lazy employees that needs to go home to their family and rest? On one hand they are currently being replaced by robots that can work 24 hours a day. On the other hand scientist say that we’ll soon be able to pump out those working hours our selves.

According to them; within 20 years we will have sovled how to significantly reduce our need to sleep to a tiny fragment of those 8 hours (on average) we spend unconscious every day.

Military powers have tried to develop means to control sleep

For a long time military powers have worked on developing ways to make their soldiers operate better. During world war 2 nazi Germany prescribed amphetamine to their troops in order to fight back the urges to sleep. However, amphetamine have nasty side effects like psychosis so it’s not a particularly good option to use on a large scale.

Now scientists believe that within a not so distant future we will have solved this issue with a drug or device that will reduce our needs to rest to a fragment of what is needed today.

Will increase the gap between rich and poor

In its early years this kind of device will probably only be available to the military, eventually making its way to the civilian market, which will cost a fortune. Only making it obtainable to us wealthy individuals. This will give us a major business advantage relative to our competitors, which will even further the gap between the successful and failures in life.

As time goes by the device will improve in efficiency and be mass-produced and the price may eventually fall. In the end making it obtainable for the already minted businesses to improve their efficiency by supplying their employees with the no-sleep technology. Making these businesses even stronger so they can eliminate their competitors.

As you can see, the future is filled with exciting opportunities. Soon we’ll be able to add 2 hours sleep to our already have rucksack of privileges. “Poor peasants that are unconscious 8 hours every day” will be yet another line we can add to our wealthy bag of common folk banter.



Ludwig Can Nervalot

Alex Von Burgerson

Eva Kinglovia