I’m pretty sure most of you’ve heard about the “Making a murderer” case at this moment. If not; have you’ve been living under a rock? Well to summarize. A guy gets locked up for 18 years for something he didn’t do, in fact he got framed by the state police. Now another horror story emerges from the Krug cellars.

Their Krug Brut Champagne anno 2002 is now released from their captivity after spending 12 years locked away with no one to talk to, and no chance of parole. No statements have been made from Krug as for why they were locked up and why they suddenly decides to release the poor fellows.

We suspect a conspiracy and will discuss with our lawyers if there might be a case here. If so we will open the case, pop some bottles and welcome them into our souls.



Ludwig Can Nervalot

Alex Von Burgerson

Eva Kinglovia