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Nothing is sexier than money and power, something we all have had the privilege to experience as more people are drawn to the wealthy rather then the peasants that roam the streets. Whether it being men or women, we all crave the luxuries in life.

Sex separates the rich middle class from the upper class

If you didn’t know what the difference was between simply rich people and the upper class then this is a prime example of their difference.

The wealthy hard workers spend all day working to uphold their status. The upper class on the other hand, have all our needs met and therefore can devote all of our time to fulfill our pleasures, where sex definitely is one of the most common ones.

The Italians say that sex is the opera of the poor. Well, there’s some truth to it as it’s a rather cheap means of pleasure, however, the elites most definitely has as much sex – if not more – than the poor peasants as we, as been stated before, can devote all of our time to the life’s pleasures.

How to make love like a nobleman

Because the act of sex can be performed by people of all classes, there are a need to separate how it’s performed. Just listen to the names of some of the sex positions and you will see why; doggy style, frisky fishing and other cheap sounding names.

No one of any class would ever, or should ever, perform the art of lovemaking with those positions. They are simple not worthy our name.

Luckily, there are some positions that are very well tailored for the superior people in our society. Here we compiled a list of sex positions with marvelous names:

Now you are a bit wiser when it comes how to make love like the privileged. And remember “Sex is like money. Only too much is enough”.



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