We’re getting awfully tired of these endless military conflicts. These poor men, and women, who is forced to travel to warm countries only wearing cheap cotton uniforms.

Did you know that Russian soldiers don’t even get tailored equipment? – Instead, they’re forced to chose between sizes like small, medium and large. On many occasions we’ve caught the uniform sleeves travel well over the wrists – that’s not how it supposed to be!

From his headquarters in Kreml, Putin announced that more troops will be sent to fight in Syria. “Our capacity is far greater than what we’ve deployed so far” the president says while he’s waving his righthand that luckily is decorated with a IWC Portuguese made of white gold.

If he can wear well fitted tailored suites and decent clockwork, shouldn’t his soldiers also? – Another example of selfish politicians not knowing what the real world looks like. Is he not informed that Russian soldiers are forced to leave their Patek Philippe, Rolex and Kashmirscarfs back att home, where they do no good? Shame on him!



Ludwig Can Nervalot

Alex Von Burgerson

Eva Kinglovia