You are traveling abroad and for some unthinkable reason you are forced to travel by community transport. When you eventually reach your destination one thing is missing, your $2.6 million  1727 Stradivarius.

This is exactly what happened to an American lady, described as in her 20s, when she was traveling from Manneheim to Saarbruecken in wester Germany.

After realizing her error she alerted the police who rushed on to the train before it departed, and luckily managed to retrieve the ‘General Dupont Gramiaux’ edition of the famous violin brand.

To her relief the item was undamaged and she could continue her journey. Hopefully she learned a lesson: “Always travel with your own personal assistance that can keep track of your luggage.”. That’s what we all do.



Ludwig Can Nervalot

Alex Von Burgerson

Eva Kinglovia